What is the Affiliate Portal Network?

There are so many things that one needs to know and as most people start their online adventure on a part-time basis, they don’t really have a plan
on how to build their business.

This is why The 100% FREE Affiliate Portal Network was created and is
owned by Brian Bear & Tissa Godavitarne. They created this free
system to be available to the public for new budding internet entrepreneurs.

The Affiliate Portal Network does MANY things simultaneously for its members.

It builds their list AUTOMATICALLY. People CAN’T EVEN JOIN UNTIL they have opted into the referring members’ list!

It is an automated referral system allowing members to promote multiple affiliate programs SIMULTANEOUSLY, WITHOUT promoting them!

When an affiliate gets a signup, he or she is AUTOMATICALLY the sponsor of EVERY account the new member joins!

This allows EVERYONE to build their list faster, AND make more money from more companies, JUST FROM inviting others into a FREE system!

Promoting a 100% FREE marketing system as opposed to promoting numerous programs
makes getting signups DRASTICALLY easier!

Trouble making money online? PROBLEM SOLVED.. FREE!

New marketing system allows you to earn from multiple companies
WITHOUT promoting them!

Just invite people into the free Affiliate Portal Network & you’ll
automatically be the sponsor of everything they join!

You can even add your OWN CUSTOM program or business
AND promo video for it to your referrals!

Check it out! 100% FREE List-Building Machine, that is the power of the

Affiliate Portal Network

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